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Wolfkamp & Stone Cork Placemat

Cork backed placemats with striking New Zealand themed decals, to compliment the new coaster designs. 
Placemat size 290mm diameter x 5mm thick. 
Wipe clean only. 
Designed in New Zealand. 


Price is for individual


Mt Cook Lily
The Mt Cook Lily is one of New Zealand’s best known alpine plants, and the world’s largest buttercup. It can grow to over one metre tall – and is actually not a lily at all.


Also known as "NZ Christmas Tree". 


Manuka was called “tea tree” by Captain Cook because the tips of the leaves were used to produce a type of tea.
Manuka makes a great nursery crop for other plants.
Manuka is an important food source for bees and insects.


Karo is a small coastal tree that produces these small, red flowers in early summer. The seed is spread by birds so it is found all over New Zealand.


Hebe is the name of the Greek goddess of youth.
The Hebe is native to New Zealand, French Polynesia and South America.


Titoki Berries
The seeds taken from the Titoki berries were used by Maori, extracting the oil from them for grooming and body oil.
When the berries are ripe, Kereru gorge on them, the fruit ferments and the bird becomes drunk and can fall out of trees.


Four Designs with Black Background:

Rata & Kowhai

Hebe & Moth

Mt Cok Lily & Bee

Pinecone & Berries